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Safety Standown Day

Semore Butts

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Feb 15, 2002
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I was talking to a buddy from American. He like many others, is very frustrated.

HE proposed this;

For the good of all of us, (In no particular order) American, Delta, United, Continental, Southwest (yes, I have buddies there as well who need it) USAIR, Jet Blue, Net jets, Flexjet, Flight Options, Citation Shares, JAL, Virgin, Lufthansa, Aero Mexico, KLM, UPS, Fedex, and all corporate flight departments, aand every other machine that is flying in the sky.

All of the management tactics and maneuvers are really getting everybody down. We are fighting with our nonflying teanmembers at all of our different companies.

Therefore, for us, and as a tribute to all of our friends and families that were affected by 911.

Lets just declare September 11, a Safety Standown day (As done in the military). Nobody fly, we all take the day off, and honor our lost from 911.

All of us step back and reflect on where we are, and what is important.

I wonder what the effect would be on how we are percieved by the flying public?

We are many in labor unions, but we are professionals??? Why arent we in a professional union like Lawyers or Doctors?

It wasn't my idea, but I wish it would have been.

Just imagine......