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Safe Interview Jokes

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Making jokes is like writing poetry

Unless you're really good at it I would advise against it.

I heard a story (you know how it goes...) about a guy in an interview who was told by an interviewer that he, "didn't look like an flight engineeer."

So the guy turned his seat 90 degrees and said, "How about now?"

He didn't get the job...so goes the story.

Leave the jokes at home but have the courtesy to laugh at all of theirs...:rolleyes:
I never heard that one before, that was great!! I would have hired the guy on the spot. That's the problem with this industry, everyone takes themselves to seriously. Ever since HR has gotten involved in the process being a qualified to do the job has become less and less important. But since they really want to know about "us" and put us through the same stuff they will continue to get the same rehearsed and practiced crap answer from everyone, and will never really know anything about who they have hired. So good luck on your interview and don't forget to practice practice practice those answers. "what will you do with the drunk Captain?"
I'd help him back to that open seat... 13B i think it was.

and the 90 degree guy was GREAT. i'd have hired him too! p.s. to add to the rumor... that guy got hired at Southwest, is now a Capt. there and loving it!
Thanks for the replys....I would never bring up the subject on my own , but I have heard several instances were someone was asked to tell a joke, kind of as an ice breaker.
::Nodding in agreement with FR8mastr::

The selection process really has lost its sense of personality--so to speak--what with all the canned answers and rehersed sim profiles.

I've often said, Why don't they just give us a little tap dance routine to memorize and practice at home and then evaluate us at the interview? That would reveal just as much about our skills as a pilot--and demonstrate the requisite *preparation*.

Here's something to think about for all the Human Resource types: KLM will apparently screen applicants in a sim but it's organized as a *training flight*!

The applicant meets with an instructor to learn a lesson. The applicant is then evaluated on how well he learned because obviously this exercise will better predict his success in passing training and getting on line.

Anybody can learn a profile with enough repetition--and money. Let's try evaluating pilots on their ability to absorb new information and then adapt in a stressful environment.

Not to rip off Bjork but that would be evaluating HUMAN BEHAVIOR!:eek:
An interview captain for United once recounted the story of an ex-Air Force applicant. The guy's college transcripts were excellent, except in one class he had received an "F." The IC, simply out of curiosity, asked the applicant about the grade. The applicant responded, "That one was rocket science."

The IC actually got quite a kick out of it.


Don't tell jokes at an interview. It can be perceived that you're not taking the interview seriously, extremely nervous or uncomfortable with a new situation. Fly safe.


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