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Ryan Air to charge for restrooms...

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I won't pay to use the head. I'll just go in the cabin. I hope that they have plenty of clean seat covers.....
Boeing Knocks Ryanair's Idea to Ax Toilets for More Seats

Ryanair's plan to introduce coin-operated toilets on its planes may have hit some turbulence. Apparently, Boeing is not a fan of the budget airliner's idea to outfit planes with just one coin-operated bathroom in order to make room for six more seats.

According to a report by the Associated Press, Boeing said the new design would compromise customer safety. However, Ryanair chief executive Michael O'Leary told the news outlet he still hopes he can convince Boeing the plan would not slow down emergency evacuations.

Ryanair had announced on April 7th they were going ahead with plans to install the coin-operated toilets on 168 planes. Once installed, the airline planned to charge £1 or €1 (around $1.34) for use of the facilities.

Stephen McNamara, a spokesman for Ryanair, told the Irish Times last January the move to just one toilet would "discourage overdependence" and that the airline believes "three toilets are excessive."

The airline hopes charging to use the toilet would change passenger behavior so travelers relieve themselves before the flight, and the overall weight of the plane is lightened. Their move follows a similar tactic by All Nippon Airways, who last October began asking passengers to use the restroom prior to boarding to cut fuel costs.

Ryanair is well-known for its "no-frills" approach to saving a buck. To cut costs, the airline has installed vinyl seats that do not recline and have no seat-back pockets for safety cards and in-flight magazines. Ryanair has also discussed charging overweight passengers an extra fee and even redesigning the plane to allow for standing passengers.

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