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RVSM (Single Pilot ???)

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Well-known member
May 13, 2002
Having been out of the corporate world for some time I apologize if my ignorance is blatantly obvious.

I was told that the FAA will be single-stepping RVSM domestically between FL290-410 somewhere in the 2005 time frame.

Question is ... will single pilot ops (as in a CE-525) be permitted in RVSM airspace ?

I though RVSM was a route / capacity expansion option and as such should not effect SP operations ?

Is my logic / information correct ?

I don't believe that single pilot RVSM is prohibited. I have read much on the RVSM issue and have never seen a reference to single pilot ops.

By the way, the FAA just put out (last week) a propsed rule making making RVSM mandatory in US airspace in Dec 2004.
There is an article about this in last months BCA magazine.

Older airplanes may have considerable costs involved in updated old autopilot/static ports/ altimetry systems. Expect to see lots of movement at FL280 or below because many operators (including mine) will never spend the money to update (CE500). Which means higher fuel costs.
We're sending out Falcon out the end of this year. Looking at somewhere around 180K for RVSM. But, it's gotta be done.

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