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runway edge lights distance?????/

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Nov 28, 2001
need to know how far the runway edge lights are on precesion runways? are they 150 feet, or are they 200 feet spacing in between each light. if you know the answer were can i find it? in the AIM or the JEPP intro? thanks for your help.
Both the Jepp Intro and the AIM address Runway Edge Light Systems but neither specifies the spacing for any runway.

On page 10 of the Jepp Intro in the Chart Glossary under RUNWAY EDGE LIGHTS (USA) it mentions that they are white and that in the last 2000 feet or half the runway length, whichever is shorter, they are amber for instrument runways.

The AIM says the same thing in Para 2-1-4, RUNWAY EDGE LIGHT SYSTEMS.


After doing some further checking, it appears that AC150/5340-24A Runway and Taxiway Edge Lighting Systems has some answers. I found a slide presentation at


Slides 50-52 address runway edge lighting and say that the maximum spacing is 200'.

I learned something today.
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thanks for the feed back, i knew the information was out there, but very hard to find. i have read both the jepp and aim and nothing was said about the spacing. thanks for the slide. i appreciate it.
I dug into the AC I referenced and it mentions that HIRL would be used on a precision runway and that the spacing is to be no greater than 200'. I couldn't find a mention of the 150' figure anywhere.

Thanks for the learning experience.

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