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rumor garden

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Well-known member
Dec 5, 2001
I've got a buddy over at ACA that has been with them for four years. He even says that some sort of fertilizer for rumors is sprayed in the crew rooms. Rumors grow rampant. I have heard so many rumors that are fantastically fabricated from ACA guys that it is hillarious. Don't forget that we are losing flying out of ORD but getting more out of Denver with new RJs coming every month. I seriously doubt we will be gone anytime soon, but you never know.
That sounds like high school.;)
The previous post was to compliment the AWAC flushes pool comment by treetop. Sorry, I accidentally pressed new thread and not new reply. That is why it does not make sense. Ize note alllwiz gooood wif compooterz.

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