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rumor.....Alaska to buy National?????

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Blue Side Up
Feb 19, 2002
I heard this from 3 AS pilots now and 2 CSA's that AS might be in talks to buy N7. Has anyone else heard anything about whats going on with National?
Another Rumor for the Rumor Mill

Another rumor for the rumor mill. (LOL)

You've flown a DHC-6 but your screen name is crj-700. What gives?
Those rumors about National just keep floating around. Last year it was 'absolutely positively certainly done' that Hawaiian was buying N7.

Not a peep since.

For someone just getting out of bankruptcy, I think it would be foolish for Alaska to do it. Not to mention things like different fleets, unions, lack of commonality in type of flying etc.

Maybe someday, but I'd bet not now.


hawaiian...I havn't heard that one yet....but it wouldn't suprise me. I would agree, it doesn't sound smart because of fleets etc. but I wouldn't be supprised if somthing happend to alaska for all the expanding they have been doing to the east...DEN...BOS...DCA....IAD....CUN....non stop 737-700's and 900's
There's also the rumor about Alaska buying Vanguard...has that one died, too?
We've got 737-800's maybe Alaska will buy us!!!!National has been the only way for all the pilot's to get back at the casinos after they took all our per-diem.

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