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RP Bonus

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Starving Regional Pilot
Feb 24, 2005
Any Republic/CHQ/Shuttle folks on here get your bonus yet?
This isn't meant as an attack on the pilots, but is it true that the 190s have one seat blocked off so Bedford doesn't have to pay the 100 seat rates?
yea dipsh*t go fold some seatbelts

Well because our pilots will let idiots like this on their message board, but no other employee groups, I decided to post here. PM me if you'd prefer. Personally I don't see what the big secret is, but whaaatever.
AFTER the midwest pilots got a letter from HR saying flying privileges extended 2 years after furlough Jesus Freak yanks it away.

You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.<<<<< Don't you believe this Bedford and preach it everyday you hypocritical rat. May allah give you testicular cancer.
I have not been there in a couple years, but still get a direct deposit every bonus time! Thanks Bryan Bedford!
I got a bonus..... its watching RAH get smoked out of MKE by Airtran :)


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