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rotary vs. fix wing II

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Missing the good'old time
Apr 5, 2002
Thank you everybody for your tips but each one of you pointed for diferent pros and cons.
Ok I need something fast and what I have is a equivalent to associates degree but it was from Brazil not from USA also I'm an american citizen but born abroad what most of the companies here don't like and always give preference for people from here National Guard and Air Force and also Navy only give you a partial age weaver, in other words they just wave you for 2 or 3 years but you need a bachelours degree and 2 or 3 years don't work for me I'm 34 turning 35 in september so just the Army offer me an opportunitty to still flying and give me a job becuase right now I don't have any job and my family is starving.
So I really don't know what to do.
If some of you know whos is hiring and can help me to get an interview because I am tired to send 100 of resumes weekly if no answer or with only an application form back that I fill up and they never talk to me again.
Thank you
GOD blees you all
Man I feel for you. Having started out in the Corps as a Huey pilot and then going in the Army National Guard as a OH6,UH1 and CH47 driver I know the Guard used to be a good deal and kept you flexible in terms of being available when the hiring resumes. Active duty will keep you out of the airline candidate pool for over 6 years, I'm guessing, and having been involved in the hiring process several years ago I can tell you you'll be most competitive when the good times come again, and they will.
Helo time is not a big help when it comes to getting on the airlines, and that's a whole other debate, but that's just the way it is.. Recent helo time with fixed wing time that's years old may tend to marginalize your application package.
I know times are tough right now, our furloughees are defintely in the hurt locker trying to find any flying job, let alone a decent one. But when the hring resumes you've got to be "poised."
This is a bit delicate, but I'll go ahead. At 33 or so going to boot camp is definitely different than 19. About ten years ago one of our pilots decided he wanted to enlist in the Marine Reserves, nothing to do with flying. He got to Parris Island and was toast within 48 hours; he came back to us a wiser man. Yes, I said Parris Island, he opted for going enlisted with the hopes of getting to OCC.
The problem Scarface is that I am unemployed and need something to feed my family and just the Army knocked my door. If the good times will be back?? I believe so but gonna take 3 or more years to be good again and the airlines accept foreings again there are to many american pilots forloughed and they will have the preference to get a job and the army don't mind if my background is from here or anywhere else and I need to consider that. I don't know anybody here in USA I have no relatives living here anymore nothing nobody to help me walking my resume or something.
I am really desperate to find some job.
Flying Helos was fun

To answer your basic question; Flying helos was more fun than flying Fixed wing. But the Army was not as nice a place as the Air Force.

Dude, do what you feel is right to take care of your family. I meet a guy at my Southwest Interview that was in his 50s, Furloughed and starting from Scratch. If you do 7 years in the Army you will be 10 years younger than him.

One thing I caution you though: "Make sure you have been accepted for Warrent Officer Pilot training and have a class date before you sign anything." The recruiters are going to get you to sign stuff and the next thing you know you are at Infantry school, it happened to me 20 years ago, but I finally got into Pilot training on my own while I was at my first assignment as a Helicopter mechanic. They only want to fill squares with widgets and will tell you whatever it takes to get you to enlist in. Make sure you have a copy of age waiver and a class date inhand before you sign anything.

God has different paths for all of us. I feel you pain and please send me a personal message if you have more questions.

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