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RNP issue kills our FMS?

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Well-known member
Aug 12, 2004
I was just reading the circular that comes with our nos charts about the Type A and Type B SIDs and STARs..
It said a lot about RNP issues which I need further training on but the Honeywell guy said our FMS was built before RNP was conceived so it does not display or consider RNP at all. Now I am wondering if the box is legal at all to navigate with.
Any links or insights to learn more about this are welcome... I never got any training about RNP at all through the ratings and such so it could mean Real Nice Poop for all I know (well I know the definition but thats about all)!
Thanks, yes that is the AC referenced and how I noticed we were sol.

If I read it right, without any RNP we can't use it except as an expensive VFR GPS.
What unit are you using?

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