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RNAV sids/arrivals

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Well-known member
Jun 1, 2004
are there any RJ operator's out there authorized to fly the TYPE A/B SIDS and STARS?

if your company is doing these what's the procedure for checking the RNP?

just sitting here thinking what buttons i would have to push to check my FMS' RNP level.

going rnav direct like we always do, i believe we have to at least have RNP 4.0 if were above FL 290 (somebody correct me if i'm wrong), how would we check this?
We are doing them at CHQ. According to our materials, the E145 is qualified for A and B as long as the FMS is navigating via GPS sensor with RAIM available, or DME/DME with a FOM of less than 1.0. We don't have RNP status info on the Honeywell FMS, so our accuracy check is GPS RAIM. The E170 fleet is RNP capable, not my bird so i'm not sure of the specifics as far as monitoring..

The Collins FMS - 4200 on the CRJ is the only system I am familiar with. On the PROGRESS page 2 there is a place on the bottom right to enter a RNP value. If you are flying an RNP 2.0 procedure you would enter 2.0 at R6. If the probability error becomes greater than 2.0 you recieve a LOW POSITION ERROR message. At that point you are supposed to notify ATC and bail out of the procedure for an old school VOR procedure or vectors.

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