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Right Seat on Type or PIC not on Type?

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Dec 31, 2001
I was wondering; lets say a company had one type of jet in their fleet and they were looking to hire F/Os. If two candidates had similar education back grounds and one had a lot of right seat time on type and the other had the same amount time but with LOTS of PIC time but not on type, who would be chosen? Just curious. :)
Well this is a difficult question to answer as every company has it's own agenda and hiring criteria...

Does the guy with the "Lots of PIC Time" have that time in jets or is it all in pistons? Does the guy with the SIC time in Type have a reasonable amoount of PIC time, or is he a 2,500 TT with only 300 PIC total? There are many factors....

TYPICALLY operators perfer time in type.... But that is a generalization... When I got hired at my current job, they were flying Citation III's, I had never set foot inside a Citation, but they still hired me because I had a lot of Turbo-Jet background and PIC time (Lear, Falcon 10, Falcon 20).... I'm sure they had resumes from guys with Citation III time.... There is just a lot of factors....

How this helps....

Good Luck and Fly Safe!
I am curious because of a school I might have mentioned before (American Support Group Inc.) offering 500-1000 hours Jet-Time on a Learjet. This is geared towards low-time Pilots like myself (very low->60 something). {Of course I would have to complete the Commercial Multi-IFR first.} Would I be better of getting Piston PIC time say instructing or something till 1500hours or would this program be something worth considering? Basically I would pay for the training then I would be an F/O for the 500-1000 hours. All my living and lodging expenses would be covered for the duration of the F/O phase. If at the end of the F/O phase, I have enough time to upgrade to Captain and I they have an opening for a Captain, they would upgrade me starting at 40k/yr. How would flight departments look at that?
I think if you do some research, you will find a lot of messages regarding this guy on some other message boards. From what I recalled, there have been been lawsuits against him.

Post a request for info on this board-


My opinion (as a former bizjet capt) is that you would be makinga big mistake trying to buy your way into the right seat of a jet, for a variety of reasons.

One of which is that without substantial PIC time, even with 2000 hrs of jet time, you still may not be able to qualify to be PIC with most insurers . . . . Not only that, but most pilots have a real dislike for people who are willing to pay money to get out of gaining experience . . . . not to mention that if it weren't for people willing to buy that right seat time, they would have to actually pay someone else to be the SIC . . . What a concept.

My advice- start worrying about getting your ratings, and stop wasting time looking for shortcuts.

Good Luck
I agree with Checks and Ty Webb....

Don't do it.... remember there is no "free lunch" in Aviation....

Go out there and gain some real experience and pay your dues....

Good Luck!

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