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Right seat flying help

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Feb 16, 2002
I just started to work on my Commercial and decided to do it all form the right side so to be ready fro my CFI. My flight yesterday was just absolutely terrible. I was wondering if this is normal or did I just brutally suck. It my second flight right side and we had a 20 kt crosswind with gusts to 25. I tried landing 4 times with my instructor and never was able to follow through with a good landing. Each time I just ballooned and was all over the place. I was so tense I gave myself a blister! It was extremely discouraging. I so felt like packing my bags and never flying again. I would love to hear your thoughts and advice on this . Thanks
Give it a bit....

Most everyone takes a good five to ten hours in the right seat before they can fly nicely from over there.

If you gave yourself a blister then one thing you need to do is loosen your grip on the yoke. Always try to fly with a nice, loose grip on the yoke.
Par for the Course

Most people say the same thing. At first takeoffs from the right seat are about the same as the left seat, the general flying is about the same, but landings are strange.

It gets better. Don't worry about it. It is surprising how much coordination transfers from the left hand to the right hand, etc. One thing about flying out of the right seat is that it cures any tendency to fixate on the instruments.

Good plan to work on the maneuvers from the right seat, but be sure you can fly them from the left seat, too. Some examiners may not want to give an inital Commercial checkride with you sitting in the right seat, though I don't see where it should matter.

Good luck with your training. Let us know how it goes on your next flight.
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Yep, sounds about right, your normal! I started flying from the right when I started the CFI. I hadn't had a bounce in a while. When I tried from the right I bounced three times down the runway. It takes some time. I heard one instructor who had trained many CFIs say that he thought there is a 4 second delay in the right hand at first. Your brain knows what to do, but just can't get it to your right hand.

After you fly right for a while, then it is strange to go left. After a bit of switching back and forth things feel a bit better.

Have fun and good luck!

--- Snoopy

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