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Review of Jepp/AOPA online FIRC


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Nov 29, 2001
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Hey All,

I just finished an online FIRC from Jepp and AOPA. It was $150.00 and includes the processing of the certificate also. It wasnt too bad, however it was fairly graphic intensive, so on a dial up it takes too much time. Many of the lessons were in a 5th grade format, such as....Bob and his student Beth are practicing steep truns.......blah..blah. Basically useless examples for the most part. There were quite a few little video clips, that took too long to download and had no additional information than what was presented on the main page. The presentation was very nice, the graphics were well done, and it covered the subject areas quite thoroughly.

I am not sure what I might do in 2 years, however I most likely will not use this product. They offer the first lesson free, so give it a shot if you liike...www.cfirenewalonline.com

Take care


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Nov 25, 2001
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I'm in the midst of renewing my CFI with Gleim online. www.gleim.com. The price was around $124 and that included letting them handle the renewal with the Feds.
I like the course, no pictures but all text material using Acrobat PDF file format. No silly stuff either on how to fly, how to make a landing, etc.
My last CFI renewal I used Jepp but not the online service. I don't think they offer it anymore. Gleim lets you take the first lesson free. I started last March and I do about 2 lessons a month (16 total). I print out the lessons, study when I want to and then take the end of lesson exam.
I also use their books (red ones) for pre test study reference and I think they are pretty good. They have online updates for that stuff also.