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Return to Active Duty in the AF

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UAL Furloughee/AD AF Type
Nov 25, 2001
I posted this stuff in the wrong place the first time (sorry Webmaster). I'll repost here since I see interest from folks who seek a return to AD in the AF. I hope this helps. The process is/was really very easy.

To return to AD all I did was submit a faxed application with some basic stuff (Last 5 OPRs, FEF, and a bio/resume). They look it over and let you know if you have a "snow ball's" chance. If so, you pretty much mail the same info back to them (only this time it's called your official app). The only real difference I saw was that I had to go to the nearest AFB and take a full blown long physical - Blah! I had to do this even though my old AF physical hadn't expired yet (break in service!). My app met a weekly board. Once selected, they sent me a certified letter congratulating me and asked me to officially accept. A personnel type called me to arrange my assignment. That call went really well for me. He asked where I'd like to go and when. I told him Vance in January and he said O.K. I was pleasantly surprised at how accommodating he was. Although, I wasn't asking for an Eagle or C-17, just the MIGHTY TWEET!

From my initial faxed app to my acceptance letter the whole process took about 2 months. I don't report for another month, but that was by choice. My biggest recommendation is that you politely stay vigilant in keeping in touch with them. They didn't seem to mind when I called to inquire about the status of my app or board results. Plus, if anyone's interested, the AF is offering the normal bonuses. I'm going to take the $45K for a 3 year hitch. The mandatory hitch is 2 years if the school house is not required. Since I've done everything minus the actual PCS, please ask if you have any questions. And yes, it's a paid move!

Here's the direct web link if anyone is interested:

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Just curious how long it took to get the orders in your hand. I was told about two weeks ago that they were cutting my orders but haven't seen or heard anything since. Also how did they get the orders to you--mail, fax, etc.


Ps. Really enjoyed my tour at Vance---have a great time!!!

Thanks for the words about Vance. I hear it's a pretty good tour. They offered to fax or mail my orders. I opted for mail method. Between the call about the cutting of my orders and receiving the orders it took about 2 weeks. I think some mail is very slow these days. I'm sure Adriana won't mind if you call her about the issue. Good luck in you return!

Any chance for returning to a T-38 for a former T-38 FAIP with heavy (141, 17) experience since then? Currently a C-17 reservist. With Stop Loss and all, I wouldn't expect so, but you never know. Anyway, can someone comment on the T-1 experience, in case that turns out to be a better option?


Everyone from my old squadron who got out and went back on active went to their MWS, although I'm not sure how many were by choice.

Don't know if you remember the stories Paul and I told at HPA, but T-1's are a good time as long as you don't mind staying busy. Count on 50-60 hours at work a week, more if you go XC. When I left we were cancelling flights on a regular basis for lack of IP's, despite having to get flight commander approval to not fly on a weekday. Occasionally we would also have to fly locally on the weekends. The last I heard not much has changed since I left.

Drop me a line if you want to get in touch with someone who's there now.

Anyway, can't you just pick up some reserve flying? By the time you get the paperwork done to go back on AD you'd probably be close to getting out of the pool anyway. Keep treading water, we'll be at MDW before you know it.

For all those who have returned, did you return to a permanent status or a limited return status. I talked to the people at AFPC yesterday and found out there are some vast differences compared to what is on their website. As a reservist, who spent one year on active duty only for JSUPT, I am being told that there are two types of voluntary return. I am curious if anyone has any info on this.
I went back under the two year commitment. Don't know about the other bit. You can incur more of a commitment depending on the aircraft and currency but the minimum is two years.

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Okay found out more about the return to ative duty. There are two methods to return to active duty. The first is what the current program is setup for. Just about everyone who comes on now has a service comitment for 2 years. Any training that takes place requiring additional ADSC would run concurrently with what you were orginally offered.

The limited return to active duty is for so many years and then your tossed to the street after that. You have to reapply to stay on active duty if you so desire. The limited also requires the gaining unit to basically interview you. You are required to get a By name Request to return. In other words, that squadron is soliciting AFPC for your services for a limited time.

My only question now is what happens when my service comitment is up and I have been recalled to my airline. Can I just leave or will stop loss prevent my return? Or say it's not stop loss but something else. Do I have to apply to seperate?

I ask these question because all my time in the USAF has been as a reservist. I spent one year on active duty and that was for UPT. What are other methods of leaving to return to the reserves when my comitment is up?

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