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Retiring Airline Pilots & Fractionals

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Active member
Mar 15, 2002
Any oportunties with Fractionals? Even allowing 6-8 months for application process and willingness to start at the bottom, what has been everyone's experience?

EJA loves 'em, come on over!

I've flown with several retired airline pilots at EJA. All of them have been
super guys. At my last recurrent in CMH it looked like almost one third of
the new hire initial class (next door) was retired 121 drivers. The hiring
will continue although training is really backed up. My advice: Get the
resume in the mail, update regularly, and try to get an EJA pilot to "rattle
the cage" for you. I would also stay current in any aircraft you can. The
company doesn't like ANYONE who hasn't flown ANYTHING for a while.
the majority of the retired 121 guys i've flown with over the last several years have been excelent.

however, many were not prepared for the workload we do compared to what they were used to. one didn't even know how to check the weather (without a printout) or file a flight plan! after 30 years at twa he stayed 90 days at eja (his choice).

it's a lot more fun than going to the same place every day, although we do have some of that occasionally.
EJA has hired in some experienced B737 pilot's to help shepard in their fledgling BBJ program in addition to the normal hires for other aircraft coming on board the conventional way.

EJI, in past, has hired a number of airline guys who turned prematurely 60, but now they would be competing for those jobs against pilot's who are experienced and typed in the Gulfstreams.

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