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response to getting new students


Dec 11, 2001
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You are getting a lot of great tips. I would add just a couple:

Get yourself a cell phone or pager (if you don't already have one),
and put that number on your bussiness cards. Then you can decside if you are working or enjoying "your" time. There are plenty of students that think that if you are on the ground answering the phone then you should be able to run out and fly with them "right now".

As far as another cheap way to advertise, make up a flyer on the computer (airplane picture helps) and make lots of copies on bright colored paper to hang on bulleten boards. If there is a college in your town go there. Students often are spending lots of their parents money on things less productive than avitation. Also this can be an excellent way to meet members of the opposite sex.

Good Luck!!!

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