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Reserve captains

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Freight Dog

Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
I was wondering about reserve captains at various regionals and how much they get to fly per month?


Edit: I'm on reserve and got a little over 30 hrs this month.
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Well I'm here at Coex on the E145. I haven't flown sence July 26th, almost a month. Funny thing is my PC is in about hour; lets see how that goes. Hopefuly this crisp $100.00 bill will help.:D
Freightdog, it is hard to get pay info but here is some year old stuff from my files.Annual Average Airline Pilot Base Pay
Position 2nd/1st Officer 1st Officer Captain Captain

Yr. Entry 5 10 Max
Alaska $39,228 $77,208 $146,556 $148,320
America West 36,552 77,220 125,832 132,504
American 27,792 92,400 143,976 201,384
Continental 30,000 95,184 147,420 193,656
Delta 33,720 97,896 157,152 248,040
Northwest 30,180 94,416 142,992 207,372
Southwest 37,212 84,528 144,624 147,804
TWA 30,000 58,452 98,940 109,776
United 32,076 102,324 148,464 216,048
US Airways 36,000 87,792 140,532 180,744
Airborne Express 26,268 79,356 134,508 164,388
DHL 26,796 72,180 122,352 143,388
FedEx 46,284 96,972 156,228 191,436
UPS 26,004 101,892 192,732 196,560
Average Annual Pay 32,724 87,732 143,652 178,800
Source: AIR Inc.

I didn't want the payscale, just how often do reserve captains at other airlines get called and how much they fly monthly.

Thanks for the post though
UAL last year ORD 8-12 days out of 17 on duty.
this year 17 out of 17 days (got to catch SWA)
Mesaba Airlines Captain.

Well, I have 206hrs since 1 Jan 02. During the month of May I flew exactly 0hrs.
I work at PSA (poorly staffed airline). We have been continuosly short staffed since Sept 11. I've worked almost every day on reserve and been used and abused by the company like a red headed step child. I'm surprised US Airways management hasn't came in and fired the management people responsible for keeping this airline staffed. They should be ashamed at them selves. When you have to cancel flights on a regular bases due to crew shortages, that is unacceptable. Anyway, I'm glad to have a job but the abuse by our crew schedulers is started to get real old, fast.
With our airline if you bid reserve you are asking for it. If they have an open seat that they need to fill they will call you for it. The nice part about reserve is you get called for all the long haul pop-up international trips. Usually you will fly 60 to 80 hours on reserve. Our reserve lines are nice usually they have 8 to 10 days off in a row.

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