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Reputation is Everything!

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Resume Writer

Registered User
Feb 7, 2004
Hi Everyone,

For about 12 years now in PHX we have had a resume writer who has consistently written bad resumes, been mean to her clients, and not delivered her projects when promised. She causes many problems for the resume writers in PHX, as we are constantly having to diffuse her angry customers and convince them that not all resume writers behave in this fashion.

So, why do I think this story is relevant for an aviation-related website? As I am sure you are all aware, reputation is the only thing you have in this life. Even if someone attacks you verbally in public or in writing, if you have a solid reputation, the words will not ring true to people that hear or read them.

This also carries over into your job search and your current work environment. If you are known as a person that works hard, does what they say they will do, and is a pleasure to fly with, there will be no worries for you when applying for your dream job.

One of the other resume writers found this quote and posted it on our e-list. I thought it was terrific and I wanted to share it with all of you.

"Every tree is known by the fruit it bears;
you do not pick figs from thorn bushes
or gather grapes from bramble bushes."
Luke 6:44

People are known by their reputations. From an early age, all through life, to our golden years, people know what we are, and who we are, by our reputations. The tree is known by the fruit it bears. People are known by what they say and do, over time. This translates into a reputation. A good reputation takes constant effort. Yet, a person who establishes and maintains a good reputation is viewed with respect, confidence and admiration. This is why a person's reputation says it all, because *A REPUTATION SPEAKS VOLUMES*!!!
Flourish in style, with a good reputation and a smile!
"Hail to the chief cause she's the chief and she needs hailing" - Dave

This lesson seems to take some people a while to figger out...Good post.

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