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Reputable 135 outfits in the NE?

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Mar 25, 2002
Anyone know of any reputable 135 outfits in the New York metro area that would be interested in puttiing a King Air, Baron or small Citation on their 135 Certificate as part of lease back? Teterboro or Caldwell would be ideal but anywhere in the NYC are is acceptable. I'm a CFI who has a few students with some money that are looking to purchase a small corporate aircraft for their businesses but they would like to arrange a leaseback for when they are not using the aircraft. Also as a side note, anyone how much time insurance companies would require to insure a pilot in a Baron (or something of similar size) Part 91 or 135?
Have you talked to Mac Dan Aviation (I don't know how it's spelled, so I took a guess) at Caldwell? I have a friend who flies King Airs for them and they seem to be a pretty good company. I don't know anything personally about them, though. From what I understand, charters are slowing down in a lot of places, and it may be hard to find somebody willing to put another aircraft on a 135 certificate right now, but of course, it doesn't hurt to ask. Especially when your students could insist that you be one of the pilots on their new airplane :)
We have little work for our two King Airs, but we could use another jet. Things get busy for us after August, so now would be the time to put this into motion for a Citation or Lear 35/55.

We are out of Allentown (ABE), just :18 to TEB by jet. We have a top notch fleet, including five Lears and a Hawker. Our aircraft owners like us a LOT because of the way we run this ship.

Send a PM and I'll get you the info.
I know alot of the operators around there, and I would be skeptical with those airplanes you mentioned. There just isn't demand for baron's and small citations. You can talk to Ebizjets, but they'll tell you the same thing. We recently inquired with them about putting a C550 on their cert and they said that would be the smallest they could use.

You might be able to move a newer B200 King Air, but in my opinion, I would say that would be the bottom.
We charter the heck out of our Citation II. (Virginia) Mostly work out of DC but we do some sub-lets out of NYC too. A Citation is a good airplane to run up and down the Eastern Seaboard in but it's a long day to take it past the Midwest.

To fly PIC in the Baron under 135 you need 1200 TT plus some other req.'s. This will usually satisfy the insurance carrier. How much you need for 91 depends on how much you want to pay in premiums. They've gotten ridiculous for piston twins (and everything else for that matter) since 9/11.
Try Eastway Aviation, Inc. at ISP (Islip Airport on L.I.) They operate a fleet of Kingairs Citation II & V's. They are keeping quite busy these days. Execjet sublets out alot of business to the Citations. Great reputation as well. 631-737-9911.

Thanks a lot for info everyone. I hope you guys don't mind if I PM you with a few other questions. I'll try not to be a bother. Thanks again.

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