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Republic trying to bring up the standard of regional carriers

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Republic is not *************************-esque
Republic Airlines is in no way comparable to the mistake known as *************************s. Republic pilots are unionized, and share the same CBA as their co-workers at Chautauqua. Republic employees do not undercut the pilots at CHQ or Shuttle America. We aork together, not agaist each other. We are all on one master seniority list, with the ability to bid between companies as seniority permits. Republic was started to allow Chautauqua/Republic Airways Holdings to offer a 70 seat product to Delta, US Airways, and United. American did not want 70 seaters flown for them, and they were looking for a quick buck, so they enforced our codeshare agreement that included a fine if CHQ flew aircraft greater than 50 seats. Republic was not an attempt to get 70 seaters on property for American, and was not an attempt to undercut the rest of the pilot work group. It is a legitimate solution to legitimate scope clauses, and in its current form offends no code share partners or pilots within our union.
STOP TRYING TO INCRIMINATE REPUBLIC! We are trying to run an honest opeartion and to bring up the standard of regional carriers while not detracting from mainline carriers.
The title of this thread made me laugh...... out loud......

INCRIMINATE: to involve in or charge with a wrongful act



Yea, I think that works in this situation.
That guy is the biggest flame baiter out there....might be 8hrrule.

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