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Republic Airways is GREAT

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Am I the only one who does not understand how a CEO who is already making a couple million a year has the ability to buy a share of stock at $1.75 and immediately turnaround and sell it for the going rate of approximately $16.00? Wilkenson’s explanation certainly does not justify it. Why not offer these stocks to the employees? Give them away in the Circle of Stars program?

I guess I should sympathize with him. I am sure he needed the $3.16 million more then a flight attendant or first officer making $20,000 a year. I understand what Barry Schimmel said. But I think his salary is more then enough of a “benefit”. I am sure BB needed $583,000 on the 11th to pay for his Thanksgiving fiesta.

I wonder why he is selling so many shares of stock. Does he know something about the future of Republic Airways that the rest of the employees don’t know?
Hey Slap, the only thing BB knows is the expiration date on his options, and the fact that he's going to exercise every one of them. We've been watching him do this for the last year plus, usually every other month.

As for the stock going to the employees, it shoud have per our contract, but all we got was the chance to buy it at the IPO price with fees waived in lots of 100. For guys making $20k/year, $1400 was a lot to toss on stock at once, never mind the fact that it's about even now almost two years later..


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