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Report from EJA basic indocb


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Nov 26, 2001
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I was told today in Basic Indoc that plan is to hire a total of 600 pilots in 02 and 650 in 03. New aircraft deliveries for 02 should be 90 and 95 for 03. That includes EJI,EJAeurope etc. Goal is double current size (1550 pilots, 300+ airplanes) by end of 04.

I qoute the dude, "by end of 04 we should be the largest aviation company in the world, except for the U.S. military, of course." - this was regarding fleet size. Also, "we're gonna walait till flexjet is going to fold so we can snag all their owners."

Right now there are at least 3 indoc classes this month. My class has 17 pilots.

Some guys were interviewed back in November, some as soon as just a few weeks ago. Going to all types of aircraft: most are going to Ultra, 2 to the X, 2 to F2000, 3 to the CVII, 2 to 800xp, 2 to excell.

Background is very mixed. Eagle pilots, Colgan Air, Midway, Emery, military, corporate, Express one, Kitty Hawk, charter etc.
Age is from mid 20's to 60. One female, one minority. One no show. About half the class did their sims already.



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Jan 30, 2002
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Good info, thanks.