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Replacement for Doc Chandler

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I'm your boy Carl
Nov 21, 2002
Anybody been to see Dr. Chandler's new replacement, Dr. Archileta I believe? Is she easy going like Doc? Does she do anything weird? Do you like her/will you stay will her as your AME?
hey there, Doc Chandler is GONE WTF?? Yeah I have been to Dr. Arch and Chandler in the past... She ain't no cough and go chandler but she's alright. Just don't be surprised when she asks you to take off all your cloths and wait for the Doctor in a full night gown. It's about a 45 ordeal. What happened to Chandler?
Seriously? She makes you get into a gown? What in the world does she do for 45 minutes? The FAA took Doc's certificate away. I'm not too sure what the reason was but he is almost 100 years old.
I've been to Dr. Archuleta, and while she takes a little longer than Doc Chandler, she's pretty straight forward.

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