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Renting an airplane at WHP?

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Well-known member
Dec 13, 2001
I am thinking about getting checked out in a C172 (havn't flown a small airplane in 12 years). Does anyone have any info (good or bad) on Vista Aviation or Sunquest Aviation at the Whiteman Airport in Southern California? How is the maintenance and the quality of their airplanes?

I'm only familar with Vista. Decent airplanes, decent maintenance. Dusty takes care of his planes.

*Begin Shameless Plug*
I have two Warriors with IFR Garmin 430s and a T210 (VFR Garmin 150) if you are interested in traveling to VNY. :D
Gene Hudson Flight Training
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Jedi Nein
Hey Jedi - what's the rate on the Warrior? I'm from L.A. and learned to fly at VNY and CMA, and will be headed out there in late August to see some old friends. I'd love to fly while I'm out there, but every school where I was previously checked out has since gone under (it's been 6 years). Maybe I can swing by, get a checkout, and do a little flying....

Also curious - what's the rate and checkout requirements on the Centurion? I don't have the time in type yet to fly it, but I'm curious to compare your insurance requirements on that plane to the ones around here (which seem ludicrously high).

Hey Mr. Nein,

Can you elaborate on the Hudson System of training for IFR emergencies, etc? Sounds interesting.

Gene Hudson Flight Training


The 1985 Warrior is $85 per hour wet. Fly 10 hours in a calendar month and the next two hours are free.

The 1977 Warrior is $75 per hour wet. It does not have a block rate.

The T210 is $150 per hour wet. The trip rate is $100 per day plus $100 per hour. The checkout special is 10 hours for $1000. Requirements are 250 hours total time, at least a private pilot certificate with instrument rating, and either 25 hours in type plus a checkout or a 10 hour checkout.

The Hudson System™ contains several scanning methods, instructing techniques, and flight procedures. The goal is to reduce workload to the point where keeping the greasy side down no longer takes effort with a full or partial panel. There is more involved with the System than I am able to answer with a brief message board post. Some of the elements are listed in my instrument lesson plans at http://pages.prodigy.net/jedinein/cfi.html

Jedi Nein
Thank you Jedi. Expect a call from me in August! :D

The checkout requirements for the T210 seem very reasonable. I just wish someone would apply those rules out here. A '90 Mooney MSE around here requires 1000 TT and 100 in type with a checkout, or in leiu of that, a 25 hour checkout. Seems a bit steep to me. Now, I haven't flown one, but I can't imagine an MSE to be much more airplane than a T210. Crap, even a 182RG requires a 25 hour checkout around here. :eek:

I haven't been out to VNY in about 10 years.. Is the Van Nuys Flight Center still in business? I worked on my PVT there in 87..


Van Nuys Flight Center is still in operation. They are selling a new Caravan at a rate of one every three weeks.
Jedi Nein

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