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Rental in the KCMH OH area

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Active member
Nov 27, 2004
Wanting to get back into flying after 6 yrs of exile.Anyone know of any good flight schools in the KCMH area with decent wet prices.
Thanks in advance.:)

In the past I have used Capital City Aviation. It is a club at OSU and has montly dues. Excellent planes and instructors, from simple to high performance. Really nice F33A Bonanza which is being outfitted right now with speedbrakes and glass panel. Call Brad at 614 459 2541

Another option is Capital City Jet Center at TZR. Planes older and no Garmin equipment as a rule but no dues monthly. Safe planes though may be a little less expensive. 614 878 1200

Good luck have fun
I'll second the Captial City Aviation at KOSU, Great bunch of people, aircraft are well taken care of by mechanics I know and trust. Reasonable rates as well. Brad is a class act and runs things really well there!

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