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renewal of CFI certificate

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Seeing the light
Nov 27, 2001
I understand by reading the regs that my CFI is renewed by:

1) Doing a 're-check' with the FSDO
2) Attending an approved refresher course
3) Adding a rating to my instructor ticket (CFII, MEI)
4) Endorsing at least 5 students for checkrides in 24 months and having at least 4 pass on the 1st try

am I right?

then, when I get my MEI, from that day I have another 24 months on my CFI. and when my 5th student passes on their first try, from the day I go to the FSDO and show them my record, another 24 months?

don't really want to do a re-ride with the FSDO, or pay for a refresher. The other criteria I should meet without a problem, if I understand the reg correctly. Do I?
If your flight instructor certificate is still current, it may be renewed. If it has lapsed, it must be reinstated. For renewal, you may take the practical test again for a rating on your instructor certificate, or a new rating for your instructor certificate. You may also attend a refresher course, or show a successful record of instructing as you indicated (80% of five students in 24 months, or four out of five of those students). You may also show evidence of having served as a company flight instructor, check pilot, chief pilot, or check airman under FAR 121 or 135.

When your fifth student passes his or her checkride (technically you only need the fourth student to pass, but have five recommended), you could apply for a renewal. However, there's little point. Your certificate is good for 24 months. Wait the full 24 months, and then apply for a renewal. Otherwise, you "lose" whatever time remains between your early application, and the expiration date of your current certificate.

If you take a practical test for a new rating, such as a multi rating, to be added to your instructor certificate, you have 24 months from the date of issue of the flight instructor certificate with the new rating.

The easiest (and cheapest) renewal is an on-line refresher course, some of which can be had for a hundred bucks. The ideal means of renewal is to have a perfect success rate for new students, but those who aren't instructing full time may not teach that many students, and still will want to stay current. For them, the refresher course is often the easiest.

If your certificate expires, you will neet to have it reinstated, which can also be accomplished by passing a practical test for a current or new rating.
The other option is to do the American flyers online course. $100 for life. Easy at home way to do it.
CFI Renewal

This was another option available and may still be, if you renewal month is near the month of this event. The FAA Helena Montana FSDO, for one, sponsored a family fun fly-in each summer.

I volunteered as an instructor and I renewed my CFI by providing instruction to owner pilots in their aircraft for the "Wings" pilot proficiency program.

Past locations for these have been Helena, Montana, Kalispell, Montana, and West Yellowstone, Montana over a weekend.

If you are in Utah, check with the SLC FSDO or contact the Helena Montana FSDO for specifics.
CFI renewals

Some ASIs or Ops Inspectors will renew your CFI at a six-month or annual 135 or 121 ride. Have your 8710 prepared and signed. I've even heard of instances of inspectors who will renew a CFI after an unannounced (successful) line check. Of course, approach the inspector politely with your request.
Renewing based on pass rate?

I know the regs say 4 out of 5 students must have passed in the last 24 months. So can I just pick 5 students that I have recommended (where at least 4 have passed on 1st attempt), and show that to the FSDO? Or do I have to tell them about every student I have every recommended in the past 24 months?

For example, say I have recommended a grand total of 8 students in the past 24 months and 6 passed. That is 75%, which woudn't cut it. Or can I just pick 5 of those students that passed and show that I have 100% pass rate out of those 5 students and get my renewal.

I appreciate any answers.

The applicant for a flight instructor renewal based on teaching experience must show a pass rate of eighty percent. Simply picking five students who have passed is insufficient. You must show a steady track record of eighty percent at a minimum, as specified in 14 CFR 61.197(a)(2)(i). This encompasses all of the individuals whom you have recommended in the past 24 calendar months.

The number of students specified is the minimum number of students that must have been recommended for a practical test. There may be more students whom you have recommended, and if so, you must maintain an eighty percent pass rate among those students. The intent here is clear. The administrator wants you to show that you have done a minimum amount of instructing, and for the purposes of renewal, that your instructing has met a minimum standard as demonstrated through the evaluation of your students.

If the failure rate of students exceeds 30 percent, the FAA will initiate surveillance, and you may be liable for enforcement action. The administrator understands that failures and errors do occur, but is tasked with ensuring that this happens at a minimum. The flight istructor, as a certificated agent of the administrator, is also tasked with this responsibility. If a track record of a high failure rate develops, the administrator will investigate and take corrective action.

If you do not meet the 80% minimum, this doesn't mean you can't renew, but you must find other means to do so. A variety of other means have been given. The reason you can't renew with less than the 80% pass rate is that your instructing hasn't shown the minimum standard necessary to assume that you're proficient and current soley on the basis of past experience. You may still obtain additional training by attending a refresher course, pass a practical test for an additional rating (adding a multi rating [MEI] to your instructor certificate, for example), or other training based methods of renewal.

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