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Jan 24, 2006
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Yesterday I went to go workout at Ft. Sam Houston (which is closer to my house than my AF Reserve gig at Randolph). I typically go there when I have a day off from the airlines and my mil gig since it's such a short jaunt and obviously free. Well, yesterday they were having wounded warrior PT. There were about 50 army troops - ranging in age from their 20's to 40's that were missing limbs - arms, legs, arms and legs together, as well as having bad burns, deep wounds and scars, etc. You should have seen the pride they had in their eyes - it was phenomenal. While pieces of their body and their soles are 8000 miles away in a sh*thole country, their pride in serving their country is right here with them.

No matter how crappy you think your life is with retarded TDY's, leaky faucets, waiting at red lights - it is completely trivial to the 20 year old corporal that will never have his legs again for the rest of his life. Everytime I see something like that - it jolts me right back to reality, and I hope it does the same for all the folks reading this. Here's a toast to our true hero's...


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Jun 26, 2006
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Well said..

I have brought home numerous HR's from overseas since these war's have started and it's always a gut wrencher when we get to Dover. Makes you reflect on life.

A couple of months ago, just going into the squad to bang a double, a Fallen Marine was coming home. We went out to the flight line (I'm ANG) and stood next to the Marine Reserve Squadron as the coffin came off a Calitta Falcon. The family was there and to see the widow (young) and little daughter was again gut wrenching.

It's very easy to forget what so many Americans are doing, and giving up.. overseas, while we run around here back home trying to go through the daily routine.
Thanks SD for the great post and reality check.