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Reece Howell and the MU2


Nov 26, 2001
Total Time
To All the Posters to my original MU2 thread:

Finished training for the MU2 Friday with a passed 135 ride. Reece is the man... Not only is he a very likable guy, but he taught me an incredible amount about that plane in 7 hours of flying. Simply amazing. My first line trip is Monday (blocked for 7.7 hours).

Thanks for all of your posts, and wanted to let you who know Reece that all is well in Mits country. To the guy that threw the blade, Reece says hello and to stop by when you get into Nashville.

Looking forward to posting more stories as the flying goes on and thanks for the info and encouragement.


Still turning two
Nov 26, 2001
Total Time

Congrats on your checkride. You can't go wrong with reese and his training technics. Just remember to remember them when it starts to go down hill.
Have fun with the airplane and check in once in awhile. I love to here Mu-2 stories.

Thanks for relaying the message from reese. I'll try to stop in the next time im in BNA for a visit.