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Redundant Delta Codeshares in FXML3 AirportBoard Results


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Jul 28, 2018
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Yesterday (July 18) a bunch of redundant Delta codeshare flights started getting returned in FXML3 AirportBoard results.
As far as I can tell, it’s only happening with Delta, and is independent of the partner carrier - have seen with flights operated by Endeavor, WestJet, KLM, Air France, Skywest, Westjet Express, I’d imagine there are others. The redundant Delta AirportBoard results don’t include data on codeshares, aircraft type, tail, etc.
A few examples:

  • DAL5290-1531942714-fa-0000 (DAL5290 in addition to EDV5290)
  • DAL8613-1531968088-fa-0004 (DAL8613 in addition to AFR349)
  • DAL7187-1531943166-fa-0001 (DAL7187 in addition to WJA368)
  • DAL4589-1531943457-fa-0001 (DAL4589 in addition to SKW4589)


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