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Red Wings rule!!!!

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Dec 21, 2001
I know it's not aviation related, but I'm still on a Wings high!

7-0! Take that Colorado!! Enjoy your golf!!

Go Wings Go!!!

ps- Go France for World Cup!

Senegal-1 F


Gotta love the underdogs!!!!

F*%K LA, Go Kings!!!

"The malicious use of exclamation points above is brought to you by your local furloughed airline pilot."
Let me guess... NWA?? :)

Senegal got lucky this time. France will pick it up, and hopefully Zidane will be back. It's still pretty amazing though.... France (World Ranking #1) loses to Senegal (World Ranking #42). Anything can happen in soccer!

Go Wings Go!!!!!!

Just remember that no European team has ever won the cup outside of Europe. Besides, you might want to keep your eye on Germany after their thumping of SAudi Arabia 8-0. Although, usually hit or miss, the Krauts looked tough. besides, my $$$ are on a South American team to win. We'll see how the Frogs do against Uruguay or Denmark.

Wings Baby!!!!

I hauled a$$ home from my trip last night, expecting the game to be close. Yeah. It was 6-0 Redwings and then they made it 7-0 right after I walked in the door. Here we come Carolina!! That a$$stomping they gave the Avalanche last night was just as nice as McCarty getting a hattrick in game one.

PS- I might be a dork pilot if I gloat about hockey scores on an aviation board. :D
I'm not a Wings fan but I will become one if they pummel the team formally known as the Whalers unmercifully. A sweep is not enough. A forfeit of the 4th game because the Wings put Carolina's top three lines, the little runt in their net, and their pony-tailed, a**hole owner in the hospital would be perfect!

Go Wings!

-A disgruntled, bitter, and angry Whalers fan :mad:
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