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Recommended Headset for CRJ

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Dec 16, 2001
I'm transitioning over to the CRJ and I was wondering which brand of headset to purchase. I was looking at getting a custom ear mold with either the Telex 5 X 5 Pro III or the Plantronics MS-50-T30-2. I saw some good prices on MarvGolden.com.

Does anyone have any recommendations?
The CRJ is pretty quiet up front but not quite enough not to develop hearing loss without any protection. If you want to be able to hear after you retire choose something that has hearing protection or that can be worn in addition. I've used a telex 500anr and it works out very well on its own but I always go back to my Bose X. Wearing that Bose is like flying in a vacuum.
I agree with the previous post. The RJ is not entirely quiet up front. I had a traditional pair of David Clarks converted to ANR by anr-headsets.com for about $160 and it is outstanding. After a while, I decided to try the Bose X's to see if I should make the switch. Yes, the Bose is more comfortable but believe it or not, my DC's with the ANR add-on has much better noise cancelling. Being a big fan of Bose products, I couldn't believe I was sending them back but I just couldn't justify the cost. As for the earmold telex, etc? I have flown with many who have them and they are very noisy. Have you seen Peltor or Sennheiser? They are very nice. For me, the ANR upgrade was well worth it. I just wish I had done it in my helicopter helmet 4500 hrs ago!
I guess I'm just old fashioned, not to mention CHEAP. I use foam ear plugs with my Telex 750.

What, what was that you said?

Anybody there?


The Telex 500's ANR are workin' for me. Quiet, light weight and they don't feel like a giant brain-squeezing clamp on your head. Some folks don't like wearing earplugs so if that's the case, the 500's are my suggestion. Plus - the 500's are relatively small (compared to DC's) and will fit in your case beautifully. The 500's also use a 9-volt and I basically use one 9-volt every month and a half.
I went out and bought a snappy new Telex 750 to use in the CRJ. I wore them on one 3 day trip and they worked fine. I noticed that all of the IOE Captains were wearing old beat-up David Clarks. I figured they must know something that I didn't so I dug out my David Clarks that worked so well while I was flight instructing and wore them on my next trip. Anybody want to buy a barely used Telex 750 w/case? Seriously, they are for sale. The Telex works fine but I prefer the quietness of the David Clarks.

I did ask Santa for a pair of the Telex 500 ANR's but she dissed me. Maybe next year, unless I can unload the 750's now. Anyone? Anyone? ;-)
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I've used just about everything in the RJ - the company-supplied DCs, my own ANR DCs, Telex 750s and Plantronics MS-50. Obviously the quietest are the ANR DCs, but they're tough to wear on legs over 1 hour (head clamps). Plus most Capts like to take off their headsets above FL180 anyway. The company DCs are next in terms of quiet, but more uncomfortable than my own. The Plantronics MS-50 with ear mold was ok - super lightweight but no noise filtering at all. My biggest complaint was that I only had sound in one ear, so I always had the overhead speaker on as well. Finally, I tried the Telex 750s. For me, they're the best choice - lightweight, a (very) small about of noise blocking, and sound in both ears.

At any rate, the CRJ is very quiet below 280KIAS (we're almost always below 280KIAS at altitude; .74-.77 mach). Above that, there's a lot of wind noise.

Anyone interested in a set of Plantronics MS-50? $45.00 - Can't beat the price!
Yep - for the money the Telex 750's are the best bet. They are small, light and do not eat batteries. They fit in a flight case well and if you lose them it is not like you are out $1,000.

www.stopoverstore.com has great deals on headsets, bags and uniform stuff. Service has been outstanding on stuff I've bought there.


P.S. The CRJ700 is going to be louder due to higher indicated airspeeds (.81 cruise according to Aviation Week &ST)
Better than all the rest!

Though I haven't been fortunate enough to test this bad boy out heres the best and recommended by ALPA.

Sennheiser HMEC45's found on marvgolden.com for about $500.00

Lightweight at 4.5 ounces, ANR and a long battery life. You can't beat these. About 10db or so of noise reduction.

Check em' out!

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