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Recommend good reading about flying V-22?

Sam Snead

Roger, Roger.
Aug 8, 2005
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I'm interested in online literature about the V22 from a pilot's perspective.

Unclassified information only! :bomb:

Thanks in advance.


Atlantic City
Jul 2, 2002
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Any literature would have to be classified as "Survivor's Accounts." I'm sure I'm in the minority but I wouldn't wish the V-22 on my worst enemy. Talk about trying to do too many things at once until you have neither a great helicopter nor a great airplane...just a bastardized version of each. This thing has already killed 23 Marines in pre-production accidents. I fear that more will follow because we either refuse to back away from our mistakes or are hell bent on fielding new technology before all the bugs are worked out...or both. Flame away.
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Jun 7, 2003
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As far as books to read, I don't know.

As far as being a bastardization of both kinds of flight...yes sorta.

I believe the report stated that the Marianas pilot got into settling with power and being a C-130 pilot for most of his career, didn't know what it was nor how to correct it. "They" obviously thought that the aircraft was safe enough before they put on all those pax. The aircraft was scheduled to land at an improved site (big runway and lots of pavement). So far in that exercise, they were prohibited from landing at unimproved sites.

The other major accident was an "engineering" problem. All aircraft have these, but the ones closest to the edge of the envelope have a smaller margin for the pilot to intervene. Hybrids have a very undefined envelope, so everyone is playing the "I think it is OK" game.

Future SNA

May 22, 2002
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The Osprey is going to be my second choice on selection day, whether it's a smart one or not remains to be seen. Though I thoroughly believe in never fly the A model of anything, these things have been flying for how many years now? Surely they got any bugs worked out, besides, it's mission is just damn cool, not to mention IT is damn cool. That cockpit rivals the best glass cockpit civilian aviation has to offer, something very rare in the military, and even RARER in the Marine Corps.