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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Does anyone have some insight on when a person like myself (not furloughed, not in a hiring pool before 9/11) could see a job at a regional? What kind of time frame?I have sent out alot of resumes with no response.

I am guessing that Air Wisconsin will be hiring sometime in late 2002 (as in late December) to early 2003. If United gives us routes and we continue the RJ deliveries...well, somebody has to fly 'em. This is TOTALLY a guess. Do not construe this to have any grain of truth to it. On the flip side, there are a handfull of regionals hiring right now...even guys and gals with only 1000TT so do yourself a favor and network, network, network.
Regional hiring

Above all, keep building multi, even if it's instructing in the Duchess. You're going to face a lot of competition. Multi PIC is the key. I wouldn't be surprised if competitive quals were 1300-2300 total and at least 500 multi, with an ATP. Companies might publish lower mins, but the quality of the applicant pool drives competitive minimums.

Good luck with your job search.
Mins won't get that high. Why do people think there are so many "experienced" pilots out there looking for job?

The majors furlough. *Most* regionals won't hire you unless you want to give up your seniority number (there are a few exceptions of course). So the majority of the major airline pilots will collect unemployment, and maybe do a side job while they wait to be recalled. They worked too hard to give up the seniority number.

The regionals furlough. Some of the regionals still have guys on furlough. But I think most of the regionals will have recalled all pilots by the end of the year. So most of those guys, as far as I can see, are waiting it out instead of doing the resume thing to all the other airlines.

My take is that the reason it is more competitive now is because so few regionals are hiring. But I think regionals will start hiring, one by one. ACA, ComAir, ASA, AirWilly, SkyWest, SkyWay, Eagle, etc. All these guys will have to hire soon, within the next year.

So be patient. Keep applying to any airline that will take your resume. Update them. In the meantime, build your time. Once the regionals start coming back to hire, you will be called.
Become a jump pilot and build twin turbine time. There are places hiring as we speak since the summer season is getting ready to kick into high gear. Go to www.skydivewww.com
You will find a world wide listing of dropzones there with aircraft info, fax numbers, etc. Be tenacious and they won't be able to refuse you.

Why do people think there are so many experienced people looking for work? I'll tell you...

I just placed an ad looking for a copilot. In two days I received over 100 resumes, most (well over 90%) from pilots with between 6000 and 22,000 hours TT. Most are furloughed airline pilots. At the rate the resumes are coming in, I fully expect to have approximately 1000 by the beginning of next week. I'll let you know.

In terms of Eagle hiring this year, no way. I'd put money down on that one.
Just curious.

Why did you place an ad somewhere? There are dozens of guys here looking for work, and most have better quals than myself.

I know that I would have sent you a resume...
I need someone with a CE525s type...this arena does not have a wide enough viewing base to find someone with this specialized of a type rating...but here it is anyway I guess. If you have a CE525s type, or time in type, and are willing to live in the Midwest, send me a PM.

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