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Re: UPS on line Application.

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Mr Freeze

Well-known member
Dec 25, 2001
Re: UPS on line Application.

I filled out the on-line application for UPS about three weeks ago and haven't heard a thing back from them. Have any of you who have applied online heard anything back yet? Are there any UPS pilots out there who can assist me in this matter? Thank in advance for your help.
From what I've heard the UPS online app. is next to worthless, even when they are hiring which they're not. You need an inside recommendation, like FedEx and Alaska.
Same here

I filled the thing out 18 months ago and have updated 3 times. I went to an Airinc convention and spoke to a recruiter who pretty much flat-out told me I needed to know someone there to get a call. I don't think they've interviewed anyone in a very long time. I did hear that they hired a small number from their pool.
When exactly did they hire from within their pool? Since 9-11?

They haven't as far as I know. Last class was 9/6/01 according to my seniority list.

I don't know anything about the online application process since that wasn't around when I was hired. I can tell you that LOR's are almost a must to get called for an interview.
I had no idea that UPS was that selective. When will they commence hiring? If it's in who you know, how does anyone ever get hired?
Overall, I would say ups is one of the most selective airlines around. I applied for 7 yrs. with 3 recs. I finally got hired. I really can't tell what logic they use to give interviews.

Good luck

I hate to say it....but I got hired at UPS when they were looking for warm bodies. Yeah...those were the days....UPS pay was far substandard and the union was the Teamsters. Freight dogs were looked down upon as low life scum....UAL or Alaska were the places I wanted to be, CO turned me down after the phase two interview. World turned me down after the sim ride...hehe....it's hard to fly them big sims if you've never done it before. UPS was hiring like crazy...I was only on reserve as an F/E three months.

This was before recommendations. I had 1500 turbine and 400 PIC...all in a Convair. Not enough to make the grade today. Then things changed and UPS became a more coveted job. Better pay with the IPA and the job security of freight made people thing this was the place to be. Sometimes I still scratch my head about what people think....but to each his own.

Things will turn around next year with UPS hiring....I hope in a big way....a lot depends on the economy.

Just go's to show you....being lucky is better than being good....

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