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RC-12's used to find times square suspect?

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Nov 29, 2005
I'm glad we got the b@stard... but the line is getting realllllly blurry.

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Do bad guys know?

Maybe bad guys will stop using their cell phones or maybe they don't read FI?
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There's really no substance to the article. It is based on a single CBS news statement, and the entire rest of the article expounds on "what if?".

If it is true, valid point made though.
I don't think it's blurry. It's pretty clear depending on where you stand on the "war on terror". If you believe it's a war in the traditional sense... then you have no problem with the military using every means possible, nationally and internationally, to fight it.

If you think it's an ongoing police action, then you might have a problem with this.
All enemies, foreign and domestic!

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