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RAH Interview Process

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Well-known member
May 16, 2003
Anyone have any idea what to expect during a dispatch interview at RAH? Sounds like they are interviewing for a pool. How about 1st and 2nd year pay?
Yeah, I thought that a pool sounded a little odd but I live in IND so I'm going to go see what's up. Maybe it's got something to do with the recent decision to keep Lynx alive? So there's a written test? FAR's/AIM stuff I assume? Any idea about 1st/2nd year pay? I'm looking forward to checking it out.
They are getting ready to ask for Voluntary LOA's from the pilot group. I don't see any true new-hires for quite some time as there could be up to ~500 pilots coming in from Lynx and YX. The YX guys are coming without airplanes and the Lynx guys appear to have airplanes for the next 8 months or so.

Really though, go to AWAC, they have better work rules and better pay...plus they truly are hiring right now. We are going through unpleasant times right now with the SLI and the fact that contract negotiations have stretched to the 3 year point with no end in sight.

Best of luck to you.

If you do decide to pursue RAH, 1st year FO pay is $22.95, second year is 30.88. That's for all a/c types. Guarantee is 75hrs, min line awards right now are 82 with a target of 88hrs. 11 guaranteed days off as a RSV, 12 as a line-holder. Line-holders see probably around 13-15 on average (based on seniority) while RSV's see 11 and only 11.
I think we are talking about dispatchers here in this forum..I wish we were paid $22 and hour.. that's what it should be..

As to the questions.. they were basic 121 stuff.. simple... the pay, if I recall was $14.78.. but it is union based, so I could be a little off.. they would not discuss the second year pay.. there are several RAH dispatchers here on FI.. they might want to contribute to the thread
<smacks forehead> Apologies, I just clicked "new posts" and didn't pay any attention to what forum the post was in.

Best of luck to you!
I interviewed there in early '08. Back then, I'd heard they were taking people from the ramp and paying to put them through dispatch school, then hoping they had what it took to handle the job. I went in there with nearly 20 years'
experience at another regional, as well as personal recommendations to the SOC manager from an RAH dispatch supervisor and TWO RAH check airmen, all people I'd worked with for years at my previous airline. I also made sure to be appropriately humble and professional, as I really needed to get a better job (not that what they were offering was great by any means).
I thought the interview went fine, although for some reason the lady from HR seemed almost hostile from the word "hello"; I assumed it was part of some standard HR tactic to see how you handled it....whatever. But two days later I got the "have a nice life....somewhere else" email. Go figure; I guess my experience and connections meant squat, and I would have only started at maybe $1.00/hr more than the ex-rampers, so it wasn't like I was going to cost them anything.
<smacks forehead> Apologies, I just clicked "new posts" and didn't pay any attention to what forum the post was in.

Best of luck to you!

Its all good! At least it shows you're willing to help. We need a lot more of you guys around here. :)
Weird interview went in Mar or April cant remember. Let me point out I didnt really didnt care about getting the job. I was interviewing for Frontier which starts around $35,000 not great pay but better than some other places. To me they profile I didnt dress to the T's kaki pants and a collared shirt. Respectable but no suit or tie. So I was sitting lady ask for me and walks up as if she is going to interview me then she looks me over and says that someone else will be down shortly to interview me and calls the other guy in the lobby. I'm cool think no problem and wait for the guy to interview me. Well he comes down 5 minutes later and we go into this cramped little office. Gives me the over view of the company ask me if I have any questions. I ask all the important questions of where the company is headed and how it would work out with seniority and the other "companies". Then after that he only asked 3 questions related to dispatching and didnt ask a single one of my experience. Knew right there that I wasnt going to get the job. But I did get a tour of the company.

The people doing the interviews rubbed me the wrong way. They seemed to think they was better than you and you wasnt worth their time. If they would have done a professional interview and acted like they care I might have been willing to give them a shot.

I have a new job now and I think I have found a good fit. When I was interviewing with companies I was doing two things. One was interviewing for the job but I also was interviewing the company to make sure I would like working there. Even though Republic wasnt a good fit for me it might be for you. But for as many people they are bringing through it would be wise for them to do more phone interviews and less flying them out to Indy.
Thanks very much for the replies, I guess we'll see what happens. I hope that my dispatch/operations experience and being local will help. I also hope that currently being a pilot doesn't hurt me!
Frankly, I dont give a crap anymore.. yea there are alot of people out there that know me, now me here.. but I don't lie or sugar coat anything... More honesty needs to be in plain sight so others in the future can have a clear idea of the QOL at any office.. it has to be a fit for both sides.. the comanies have it really good right now.. pick the creame of the crop, or whoever they wish without regard to creating a productive and friendly workplace..

Gee, if I had a dollar for every time I've heard that, I could retire.... or at least enjoy a killer prime rib out here in SEA...

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