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Rachet Safety Up a Notch / Be & Fly Safe

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Jun 3, 2005
To all my pilot friends, and the ones I haven't met yet: with the kind of month the industry has suffered lately, please rachet up your safety awareness (and that of your compatriots, especially if the other guy is doing the walk-around) and do all you can to be safe.

It's not unusual these days for a substantial percentage (routinely in the 12-15% range, by my own monitoring) of our ASA fleet to be either out of service, or flying with maintenance deferrals. As a support person, it concerns me every time a pilot takes a ship up with a deferred APU, or does a trip blocked to nearly 2 hours with a deferred autopilot.

Commendable as it is for you to go the extra mile for customers, please exercise every option at your discretion when making that decision to accept the ship, or to wait until it is fixed, or until the flight is swapped into a good bird.

I rode the employee bus the other night with an RJ captain who'd been flying for just under six full days. All the man could think of was just wanting to get home to his family. And when one is that fatigued, a clear decision-making process is next to impossible to maintain.

We're all dealing with lots of fish to fry: how will the looming DL bankruptcy affect the closing of the purchase in September; what kind of benefits/pass privileges will SkyWest offer; with what kind of relocation will large numbers of our people have to contend, so close on the heels of the DFW base closing; is ALPA to continue representing pilots, or ???

And while I have NO answers for those, and other, vital issues, this much I do hope fervently for: that each of you will turn up your safety awareness levels, fly safely, be safe, and keep on keeping on.

I'd like to quit seeing airplane/airline stuff on the news for a while.

Happy landings and clear-and-a-million to all...
I hope your QOL and Mx issues get better now that you will be under SkyWest management. SkyWest takes great care of their aircraft.

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