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Qustion for the rotor heads.


Jun 17, 2005
Hi again, I am working on getting into Woft to fly. I was told today to becareful with WOFT as there are 3 seperate catagories in it. Pilot, radar, and maintainer. Any info would be useful and appreciated. Also I just completed my ASVAB this afternoon and came out with a 93. I won't find out what the GT was untill Friday or Monday. Perhaps some of you can remember what you got on the ASVAB and what you GT was. Thanx again.

JB Bus Drvr

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May 18, 2004
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I think you got the wrong info. Once you get out of WOC D (I think they still call it that) you go to flight school. If you wash out of flight school, then you could go to a number of non-flying jobs as a Warrant, depending on your desires and the needs of the Army.


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Nov 1, 2004
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WOC D? Naw you must be an old fart like me, they got another name for it now and all the walking warrants go through it also...You info is correct though..The old WOC D barracks are gone and the Candidates pin on W1 bars after the 6 week charm course. They are talking about shortening it to 4 weeks!! They are allowed to live off of base also....Far different than when I went through...Purple Flight 82-13