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Quiet Birdman Association

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Well-known member
Jan 15, 2002
Does anybody know anything about these folks?

Once upon a time my instrument instructor told me of having been invited to a meeting of these folks. It was a good story, and I immediately wanted to become associated with them somehow. But at that time the 500 hr minimum time needed was still far in the future.

They seem to be a mystery organization. I think they still exist, maybe I can ask somebody next time I go to Oshkosh?

You don't find them, they find you? How can I help them find me? Is somebody I know a QB and I don't know that? I suspect so, but I've gotten lots of puzzled looks by asking very senior pilots if they knew anything.

Oddly enough, I flew with a captain not too long ago who mentioned this organization. You're right...they're very secretive. He didn't seem to want to divulge too much about it, saying that he would be asked to "resign" if word ever got out that he talked about it. I guess you pretty much need to happen upon somebody who is a member and get them to "sponsor" you.

I'm sorry this post isn't more helpful...I'm just as mystified as you about the organization. If nothing else, I can confirm for you that it does exist and that you are not crazy, but that's about it. Good luck!

Quiet Birdmen Association

I believe the Quiet Birdmen Association is an organization of early pilots. I mean those who started flying perhaps in the 1920s and 1930s. I don't think it is any kind of secret society or anything like that, though.
That kind of matches what I've heard (little as it is). The "Early Birds" is (was?) an organization of pilots who flew very early on. I forget the date exactly but I think they had to have flown pre-1920-something (?) I dunno. Most of these folks have died by now.

I know the QBs still exist because they have there own area at Oshkosh. I did a google search and came up with Quiet Birdman within the obituarys of lots of historically important aviators. 10 years ago I knew a contact that could get me in but I didn't meet there requirments, now I do. Now I do but I don't know anybody.

It seems to me to be a very worthy association of aviator types and the sort of folks that I like to associate with.
There was an article about this association in Air and Space Smithsonian several years ago. They had a photo of their patch with a latin inscription that translated into "Birds Fly - Men Drink" of some such. Overall it looked like a lot of fun.

An elderly friend of mine was a member. He was part of the flight test community at Dayton (before Edwards).

Seems like a bunch of good folks having a good time.

Read the name and you'll figure out why you can't find out anything. KingAir guy might be right. You definitely won't become a member by posting questions about it on an Internet message board!!!
There are quite a few QB's around, and they arn't old fellows from back in the 1920's. What do they do, "drink, and tell flying stories interspersed with a few wild parties that they then talk about for a few years.":)
I can tell you that they do exist and that I have had the distinct honor of having been invited to become a member. Other than that, I can't tell you more. I wasn't alive in the 20's and 30's, so I can help you with that rumor. Having read your posts on FI, I can tell you that no one is going to walk up to you and ask you to become a member.
QB's have "hangars" all over the country, and are quite alive and well. The QB is a social organization, and is perhaps better described as a drinking club for people who fly, more akin to the shriners than anything...and hardly a "secret organization." A newsletter is published. Just a group that doesn't tout it's own horn.
The guy who trained me on airplane commercial and instruments at the Peterson AFB Flying Club in 76-78 was a QB as was the chief pilot there. Both very nice guys with a wealth of experience.

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