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Quick guard question PLEASE HELP

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Well-known member
Mar 10, 2002
I am 20 years old with my CFII-MEI and 700 hours. I am definetly going to apply to the guard. My question is, I know you need a 4 year degree, I currently have a two year degree and I am just beginning my B.A.S. I should be done in about a year and half- what can I do to get a jump on things? Or do I wait around till I actually have the degree. I've surfed around and found the units I want to apply to. I've been studying for the test for awhile- should I take the test now? Is there other things I can do to help me get the slot, or get the slot even before the degree? I really could use some advice, thanks
Express interest in those particular units so at least your name gets tossed around for a couple years while you finish your degree. It would also help to visit each of the prospective bases/cities on a drill weekend (co-ordinate first) and get to know the people you'd be working with, the atmosphere and such. I'm pretty sure they can't guarantee you a slot until that diploma is in hand, but nothing should stop you from taking the BAT, physical and AFOQT to get a leg up.

best of luck
Definitely go ahead and get your AFOQT and BAT test out of the way. I recall that most of the units I applied to allowed current college students to apply as long as they only had a certain amount of time left...may have been a semester, may have been a year. Call the POC at the units you want to apply to and ask them about their specific requirements for their applicants' pilot packages. MAKE SURE you talk to the right person. Its very easy to get erroneous info. I'm interviewing at an F-15 unit this month. A buddy of mine is NOT interviewing with them (he hasn't graduated either, btw) because he spoke to the wrong person who told him not to apply for whatever reason.

In the meantime, keep building your hours and get involved with extracurricular activities. I believe UPT boards like to see that you are active and that you have experience in leadership. Also, do your research. There are a ton of books to read and a ton of info on the internet on the Guard and/or becoming a fighter pilot. Just make sure you don't want to fly fighters solely because you have a bad case of Top Gun-itis. As far as visiting units is concerned, I wouldn't recommend it unless you know someone there who can escort you around...otherwise you might run the risk of becoming pesky. I've heard face-time is tricky and can work both ways for you, so be careful. If you really want to talk to some fighter guys, I would recommend going to airshows. Some guys had nothing to do but stand next to their plane or walk around, and welcomed the company when I accosted them(although I've only seen AD guys at the airshows I go to). If you go to a UTA, the guys will most likely be very busy. Good luck. - Ryan Paul

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