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quick approach question

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Dec 15, 2001
I'm trying to keep my instrument skills sharp by flying different approaches on MS Flt sim 2000. I've been trying to fly the more difficult/complex approaches but I'ld like to find a few more. I have access to AOPA members section so I can print the approach plate, but I just needed a few suggestions on which ones are tougher. (ie.. many step-down fixes) Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Katmandu, Nepal. There are a LOT of stepdown fixes there.

Socorro, NM (ONM). Not that it has many stepdowns or anything, but that VOR approach relies on more than the VOR...

Most any real big airport has a lot of stepdown as well, ORD has a lot if memory serves.

hey snoop
the links r really great. do u know any site which gives u procedures for international airports. :D thanks....

Check that its three greens.........
Nifty approaches...

Hey there,

I'll second someone who already said ORD - stepdowns from 7000 on down, if memory serves.

If you're doing DP's/STAR's - try LaGuardia (LGA) or Kennedy (JFK) in NYC - the missed approach procedures, especially - are tough.

If you're looking for "gotcha's" on interviews and the like, Madison WI (MSN) has some strange ones...

Have fun!

Hope this helps,
Practice Departures as Well

This isn't exactly what you asked, and you may already do this, but I thought I would throw it in a reminder for anyone who doesn't do it or didn't know to.

When you are practicing, don't forget to practice departures as well.

One of the weaknesses I have seen flying with other pilots is they forget to brief on any obstacle DP's for a specific runway.

When you are departing from an airport in IMC and there is no SID. Don't forget to look at the take-off & obstacle departure procedure on the airport diagram and see if there are any specific instructions for departing a specific runway during IMC and include this in your takeoff brief.

Example Macon, GA KMCN. Departure DP Rwy 5, right turn climb to 1400' via heading 090 before proceeding on course. Rwy 31, climb runway heading to 700' before turning.
I second F4U. Sometimes it's not the approach but the missed approach instructions or the DP that gets you - some of these are very complicated. Add in an engine failure on a twin and you've got a hand full.

Here's my list of hard approaches:

The monster of the east - anything at ROA but especially the LDA.

A subtle little killer - Clearview, MD (2W2) in anything faster than a C-172 - go ahead, fly over the VOR, get your needle re-established and get to altitude.

Any NDB approach where the NDB is not on the field and you have to cross over and re-establish. York, PA used to be a pain until they relocated the NDB onto the field. Winchester, VA (OKV) still has the NDB off site, but its fairly easy. Try it with wind set at 250 at 20 knots and see how easy it is to fly! (By the way, I'm talking about flying the NDB needle, none of this pansy flying a GPS overlay stuff!) LWB, WV has one too!
A great one out west is the NDB 17 (i believe) in Tacoma. NDB is off field, on an island about 7 miles away and the airport is on a cliff above puget sound. If you can get within 1/2 mile of the airport witht he needles centered, you are a stud. A bud was taking a FAA 135 ride, and the examiner freaked out at how bad the approach was to follow...
I'd like to second the comments about the TIW NDB approach (it's actually to runway 35). I don't think MicroSoft simulates the lovely shoreline affects or an active Rainier MOA at the end of the PT. At least the final approach coarse is established during the PT.

The missed approach procedure for the ILS RWY 17 on the north side of TIW is a charmer as well.

I had to do both of these gems for my checkride. Thanks for listening to my rant.


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