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Questions for Fractional FA's

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Jun 29, 2005
Does anybody know what the QOL, pay scales, etc. are like at Netjets, et al?

Any information would be helpful...

I'm a pilot so don't know the new FA scales at Netjets-they just got a new contract as well, and my little CE750 doesn't have an FA, but two thoughts. Our FA's always look happy, and more details can be found at Netjets.com in the employment section. Good luck. We look forward to providing a great experience for all who join our group. BTW, on of our senior trng FA's deals with recurrent trng for pilots and CRM. She was a former AA FA for 15 years. I asked her what her observations were-did she like it, how did it compare, etc. Her comment was it was a far better job, although she missed the interaction with multiple FA a/c. Most of our jets only have one FA.
Thanks, Pervis.

It will help my friend decide if that is the way to go. I discouraged him from going to a major (he did Int'l Charter - ATA? - for 12 yrs) since the future doesn't look too bright there.

Thanks again

Hello, usairbus01, your friend's longevity service may be an advantage to him.

Fractionals are a different ball game, but if your friend is looking for work, encourage him to apply. The hiring requirements vary from the Commercial airlines. Yes, he may miss the interaction with other flight attendants, but service on board is more detailed and you work with less passengers, I would encourage your friend to go to the website and take a look, if he doesn't apply someone else will therefore he may miss out on the chance of employment!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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