Questions for current ASA pilots


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Mar 13, 2002
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Hello, Have a few questions for the ASA pilots, particularly those based in Dallas.
How long until Brazillia FOs are able to hold a line at DFW.
How long for CRJ FO's in DFW to hold a line
What is the current projected upgrade time in the EMB-120 @DFW
Upgrade time for CRJ pilots at DFW
What type of 401(k) matching do you get?


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Nov 26, 2001
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a few
Basically, there are no answers to most of your questions, as the lines, numbers of lines, and numbers of people on the aircraft change every month. Lines are currently easier to hold on the RJ than the Brasilia, because we're shrinking the Brasilia fleet/lines. Upgrade time projections are also out the window, because of lack of attrition. We are apparently pretty fat on Capts (RJ) right now - some have to fly as FO's. DFW is a junior FO base, senior CA base. Better to be an FO in DFW than ATL, if you don't want to sit reserve for a long time. There are currently about 95 RJ FOs in DFW, with about 85 actively bidding for about 80 lines (including relief lines). Not many folks on reserve.


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Nov 29, 2001
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The days of the quick upgrades are over. Probably 3 years and up for any upgrades if you get hired at this point. We are fat on Captains on the RJ in ATL especially with the retirement of the EMB. DFW is another story but there seems to be a tight control on the number of assignments out there.

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Nov 28, 2001
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Currently in DFW we are extremley short on E-120 FO's. Most of the reserve Capt's are flying as FO's. This could change as i think we have 5 E-120 and 5 CRJ FO's coming out to DFW. Like the previous posts, every month this changes and it probably won't be hard to get to DFW if you did get awarded ATL. Highly doubtful if any new hires will see the left seat on the E-120, we have one more upgrade class in a month and those FO's have had the award for at least 6 months. We keep hearing the projection of 14 Brasillias in DFW and 14 in Atl by the end of the year, down from the current fleet of 35-40. The RJ guys can probaby answer this better but I think 3 years is a good estimate for upgrade on the jet and about 3-6 months of reserve as an FO.