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Questions About Eagle...

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Peanut Chaser

Active member
Mar 27, 2005
Can anyone tell me what the chances are of getting Boston based at American Eagle as a new hire? Is Boston a fairly junior base?
Generally speaking Boston has been one of our junior bases in the past. With that said, things are changing around here on a daily basis. We have been maintaining if not shrinking the NE flying a little lately. All of the growth has been in DFW, ORD, and LAX. When I speak of the growth I am talking about ERJ's since that is the only airframe based in BOS. I would think, and this is only personal opinion, that there may be some vacancies in BOS coming up due to attrition and people transferring to other bases. Even if you were hired and able to bid the ERJ you would eventually get to Boston because it is still one of the more junior bases. If you were lucky you may be able to bid ORD on the erj and then put in a preference bid for BOS. Hopefully that answers your questions.


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