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Question to Airnetters

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Well-known member
Sep 26, 2005
So, I had a phone interview today, but it only consisted of maybe 10-15 minutes of HR questions (why do you want to work here, what do your co-workers think of you, etc.)...A buddy of mine was asked a handful of technical questions during his phone interview (airspeeds, gear indications, etc.) I had no technical questions. Does this mean they didn't like what I had to say to the HR questions and didn't want to waste any more time on me? Or is there still hope that I will get invited to an interview?
Well, when i was interviewed over the phone it was done by Air, Inc. a long time ago, and all they asked were HR type stuff as well. From what i understand it has changed a little, but for the most part it is still supposed to be HR stuff only...like i said though, this could have changed. I wouldn't sweat too much, try giving Craig a call and see what he says. If anything, this shows enthusiasm, and if they heard something they didn't like this may just sway them the other way.
Don't sweat it!!! Mine was only HR type stuff too, that will be in the interview. I agree w/ starchkr "Call Craig, and show enthusiasm" Good Luck
Just call the recruiting hotline and shout "Troy Vereschak is a tool" as loud as you can. :)
Thanks guys. I don't know who Craig is though - I spoke with someone else on the phone. Could someone maybe PM me his last name and a phone number/extension. the only numbers i would know to call are 614-409-4900 and 877-AIRNET6.
the only numbers i would know to call are 614-409-4900 and 877-AIRNET6.

Call the 877 number. It will prompt you to press 2 to speak with Craig and will tell you his last name.
Thanks for the ideas guys. I called and left a message this morning and just got the call back for an interview next week. Gettin in the university's 142 as much as possible till then. thanks again.
Dont worry so much about the sim. Practice may help but don't sweat it. Just relax and be yourself. Sim is just one part of the interview....
Good luck.
How many hours do you have? I hope they will call me. Im comming upto 900/35. I did the online apps about 2 weeks ago.

Thanks for the help
At the time I submitted my online app, I had 1015 TT and 103 multi....don't let that disappointed you though, I have a buddy interviewing this week with 700TT (unsure of his multi time though)

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