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question on joining the guard

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Jan 25, 2002
I currently work for a regional airline and I am looking to join the ANG. I am not really sure what I have to do to get started. I am from Syracuse NY and I know that the 174th fighter unit is there. I was told that if you are from the area that that helps. Also how hard is it to get a fighter slot? I am 22 years old and I have about 1700 hrs. But I am lacking the college degree. I have about 30 more credits to go, and I am taking classes at Embry Riddle. I was told that some people have been sent to UPT without a degree if they had a projected time period they were going to finish. I am not sure if anyone can answer any of these questions but I would appreciate any information. Thanks
I'll tell you what I have told Maverick--you don't get to UPT without a degree. You have to be a commissioned officer, and last I heard the ANG like active duty requires a degree to be commissioned.

If you want to fly in the military (which I highly recommend) you cannot do a thing until you get your degree. All the airshows, daydreaming, and civilian experience mean D*CK. I say this only as a reminded to all you young guys and gals who want to do this job...GET THE DEGREE!

If you are furloughed or job hunting at the moment, use the down-time to get that degree. The AF could care less what it is in....I suggest you pick something you love (to make it easier to stay motivated) and perhaps not aviation related (to give you a Plan B when there are downturns or setbacks). My aviation management degree fit my needs, but God forbid I had a health problem or washed out of UPT--I would have been washing cars... If I had it to over I would have gotten a degree in finance or business...but that is just me. Some of you may be considering pharmacy, being a doctor, an architect, whatever... Pick something you can do. "Furloughed Gal" is a lawyer, for heavens sake...talk about a major back up plan!

If only 30 hours are keeping you out--get humping. Knock out that degree. One option might be to join the unit at Syracuse or Buffalo/Niagra as an enlisted guy while you finish up. You get money for school, serve your country...the bros in the unit get to know you and BOOM--you get commissioned and compete for the next available UPT slot. The extra money could complement the work you do at your regional, and the fact you can "drop" trips to make drill events means you can pull yourself from the slave ship of regional ops for a break every now and then.

Good luck.

ANG bum in Feb!
Albie, as usual, is dead-on. One thing, you will hear of people who got commissioned in the Guard and went to UPT prior to earning a degree. That ended back in the '80s. Those days are long-gone. It stopped happening before I got in and I'll have 16 years in May. There were a few of those guys in my old F-4 unit, they ended up having to finish their degrees.

Thanks for the info guys. I am working on my degree and I plan on finishing it up in about a year. So I just thought that now would be the time to start looking into this if I want to do it. Who do u talk to if there is a certain unit you want to be with? I know everyone says not to talk to the recruiters. Thanks for all the help.
school credits

All previous correct except one thing may be misleading:
Although you can't go to UPT without a degree, you CAN get selected for UPT prior to having your degree.

There are several guard units that will select you for training if you're within 30 credits of graduation with the caveat that if you don't finish college before start of training, you don't go.

In other words, start applying NOW.

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