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Question for the webmaster..

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Senior Member
Nov 26, 2001
I'm wondering why someone added the post that was titled something about they are all morons to my post about the Comair strike. I realize that he was referring to people who were responding to me, or referring to me, but some people may choose not to read a post that calls people morons. I'm wondering why this couldn't be left separate and alone, as different people may wish to respond to them separately, or not at all, in some cases. Why not leave them alone? If the poster wanted to make a comment on the original thread, he would have put it there. Thank you for your time.
I did it.
Why do we need two threads about basically the same topic? All the posts (as you mention) revolved around or were responding the thread you started. It was not necessary to divide the discussion between two posts.
Also, the thread you mention about "morons" was getting nasty. I chose to remove the offensive posts and consolidate what was left in the interest of saving space and keeping the discussion focused. I moved the pertinent posts back to the original discussion where they belong and got rid of the second post you mention (about the morons).

Perhaps you could be more specific as to why this offends you. I haven't heard complaints from anyone else. I'm at a loss as to why you keep starting posts that solicit people to flame you, then you get upset when I try to bring the discussion back to a polite level.
Feel free to PM me or Mark if you wish to discuss this in greater detail.
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I completely agree with Ifly4food!! He is right and has my permission to do what he did. The "moron" post was getting out of hand and after weeding through all that crap he moved the good posts to same thread as yours to make things work simpler and keep the thread focused.

We need to work together to keep this forum alive and professional...please help us do that.

Aviation Communications
I didn't realize it was getting out of hand, and that is a reasonable explination for what you did. I, however, would have removed the whole thing and left it off, but you are in charge, not I.

I do not invite anyone to "flame" me, and if they do, that is their choice. If you would read my original post again, you will see that I place blame on the MEC's of the airlines I listed, not individual pilots. If you wish to take things personally, that is your fault, not mine. I hold no individual responsible for what I felt was happening, but I did wish for all of you to know, as you may be soon asking for our help. It also sounds like you are taking things a bit personally, which doesn't make you a moderator, it makes you a participant. That's fine, as long as we know about it. Thanks for replying.

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