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Question for SWA poolies.

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Betting "Don't" these day
Nov 27, 2001
Hey gang,

Just talked with JM. She said the EARLIEST I could expect a class will be early May. It will depend largely on the stop loss people. If folks get released from the stop loss, then I would be pushed back BEYOND May. Now while I am happy to be in the pool, I do have one concern/question. I understand people who were placed in the pool in December and/or January are being told to expect class in May. Is that right? So if I jumped into the pool on Nov 6th would it be reasonable to expect something along the lines of, "late April/early May?" Don't get me wrong, I'm not bi+ching here, I was just hoping for something in line with what the other guys/gals are being told. Maybe I can't do the math, but the information I'm getting doesn't seem to jive here and I'm getting somewhat confused.:eek:

Any thoughts or constructive ideas are always welcome. Obviously all any of us can do is sit and wait, and I don't know about y'all but I'm gettin' ants in my pants.

Best regards,
I know it is a big puzzle trying to figure the logic behind what she says. I personaly think she gives the worst case scenario. I called her in early dec. She said " April is looking good. " I was looking at the pool list when it came out saying to myself " that is wierd that i got told april." Then she called and said Feb. Then she called and said Jan. So as you can see it went from a lot of time to "holy **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED**,I need to put in my two weeks notice. Best of luck!
I also spoke with Jennifer today. She told me to expect an April class, either early or late April, depending on the Stop Loss military guys. I got the type on Oct. 22nd, so it seems things are happening in order.
Talked to JM

Talked with JM today, said I should be in class late April or early May. All depends on stop loss people she added. I was typed 10/30/01. Hope that helps...

Fellow pool swimmers:

Thanks for the replies. The info you guys are providing seems consistent with what I've been told. I certainly don't mind waiting 'til May, but when one starts to get conflicting information... one starts to wonder what's going on. (or in my case one gets ants-in-pants!);)

See ya,

Im tellin ya..Its your D#$N handle..

You better hurry up and change it or your gonna be behind Jules ..

Confusing YES

I suppose the hardest thing about the class date order is the interview date/type date mystery. If you look at the posts there are inconsistancies. The stop loss wasn't an issue before 9/11 and I was told a NOV/DEC class time frame on 9/05. Based on 2 classes in OCT one would think, with no stop loss, you would be one of the first 4 classes in 02. I was told on JAN 04 "by April with stop loss". It seems somehow that the pool got deeper ahead of me with stop loss??. See if you can answer this one : Pilot A INTRVW DT MAY Type date OCT. Pilot B INTRVW DT JUN Type DT SEP..Who would go first? Like I said before a guy I interviewed with has been on line since OCT. He got his offer after "JESSE.":eek:

Life would be easier if there was some knowledge of their actual pool order policy.

Part of the confusion lies in the USWPL. When trying to use this tool for estimating your time you notice that many people place themselves in the pool on the day of their interview. So, helpful info is missing. This is clearly for entertainment purposes only.
Dont get me wrong it's the only pool list out there except at LUV and I'm happy to have it. Is it better to have only some peices of the puzzle or none at all. This is part of the new psych. test.

Who knows maybe I'll get a call to scramble 2 wk letter.
All right!

All right, all right, all right, all right, all right!!!!

MLBWINGBORN, I have a request in to the webmaster to change my username. Which may or may not be approved. It won't have anything to do with airline or aircraft flown/flying. Instead it has a reference to the game of craps. This whole industry is a crap shoot, and I play the pass line... betting the dice will win. Of course, some bets have better odds than others... case in point, WN.:)

I have requested "RightBettor" for a new username. We'll see what happens. Hey, now, don't start teasing me about that name!! I do not purport to be overly creative, fellas!!:rolleyes:

See ya in Dallas... in May, I guess.

UAL737inLA (for now)

One possible explaination for your sliding feeling could be that the Navy/Marines (except C-130 drivers) have not been stop-lossed since 9/11. The delay in classes may have actually allowed a bunch of folks with high pool seniority, who were previously unable to attend class due to short military commitments remaining (months), to now separate and start classes. I have a Navy friend who interviewed in Jan 01, typed in May 01, but could not get out until Dec 01, thus was not able to attend class when offered in Sep/Oct. He has since started with the Jan 4, 02 class.

I would imagine that this was probably the case for at least 20 other folks. For estimates: classes halted/rescheduled for 3 months (2 classes per month, 6 total) of assume 25 pilots (makes the math easy); previous interviewing yielding 150 pilots for those classes (6x25=150 total); assume 40% of those military, of which 33% Navy/Marine = 150 X.4 x.33 = 20 Navy/Marine.

Most military folks apply at least 12 months from separation hoping to have a interview/type/job offer 1-3 months out (6-9 month wait for interview without type, remember the days?), so that their limiting factor would be date of separation from the military (i.e. have a job waiting so your spouse is happy). 20 N/M pilots is obviously about one class' worth that may not have been available 3 months ago, but now are.

Additionally, other posts on this message board have indicated that lots of Air Force pilots have gotten stop-loss waivers. Most have had job offers somewhere. Perhaps 20-40 more pre-hired folks (high pool seniority) who can now attend class?

Just my own anxious thoughts...

See you in Dallas,
Very valid explanation. I've got two Navy buds who fit your example to a T. Your post may give relief to some of those frustrated folks out there that appear to be moving backwards a few spots.

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