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Question for SWA pilots

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Well-known member
Dec 19, 2001
How many nights a month do you average at home?
Is it possible to end up in your base during a +/-4 day trip?
There are quite a few lines that have what we call one or two days turns. This is where you have a two day trip and a two day trip or a one day and a three day trip back to back (in domocile).

I'd say I'm home 15 nights a month right now, and expect that number to grow to 18 within the year.

Are there any lines where you would be gone two weeks and then home two weeks ???

Or do i need to stick with air cargo and work all night and sleep all day hehehehehehehe.

All i want is out of the house, get me out so can fly and have a life................................and do what i love just to be up in the sky is a thrill

Any one have any creative ideas ??????:cool:
ya want out??

ya want outa the house to go flying?? Join the Air Force brother -- matter of fact you can have MY job!! We can have you outa the house for over 90 days at a time these days, flying at 10000 feet but still only 500 feet off the ground! And believe it or not, the pay aint so bad -- especially when its tax free and you get that extra $150/mo combat pay!! Better hurry tho, the way we're busting up airplanes in spec ops the seats are getting limited!!

hoo-yah !!
The answer is...it depends ;)

If you live at your domicile, and are lucky enough to get a "3-on, 4-off" schedule, you may be home 22-23 nights in a month. If you live in domicile and bid reserve and "pass" on trips, you may get a couple more nights at home. If you live a long commute from your base, and get some 4-day trips, you may only be home 8 nights. Some of the senior guys I flew with can bid basically all turns (out-and-backs), so they are home every night.

My first month, I commuted cross-country, had a 3-on, 4-off, and was home about 12 or 13 nights. This month, essentially the same schedule, but on reserve, looks like the same 12-13 nights home. Next month, easier commute, but 4-day reserve blocks :( so again, probably only 12-13 nights home.

It's really two different jobs, depending on how far you live from where you fly out of...

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